9 Questions Every Social Media Campaign Has to Answer


It’s crucial for every small business to launch a social media strategy, but it’s not enough. You have to ensure that your strategy will be effective, which is a completely different task. People often turn to Gifford.uk.com – Cardiff SEO, claiming they don’t know how to approach this task. In reality, everything is pretty simple. To ensure that your campaign will work and your social media presence won’t be in vain, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will it support or work with my general marketing strategy?
    Every marketing agency Cardiff will advise you to make sure your social media campaigns will work with your general marketing campaigns.
  2. What will my overall approach look like?
    Think about your website or your company. What is your brand’s uniqueness? How do you treat your clients? Are you all about innovation, are you more conservative, are you sarcastic? Decide on your approach to understand how you will start your marketing campaign. Make sure that if your main approach to your site is sarcastic, your social media approach will be the same.
  3. What is my main goal?
    This is a very important step, as any goal should be precise and clear. If you want more sales, if you want more readers, if you want to increase awareness about a specific product, you have to formulate that one single goal clearly.

Which social media platforms will suit me better?
It’s not a secret that different platforms exist for different purposes. People go on Facebook with a different idea in mind, and LinkedIn is there for a different sort of people. Sometimes choosing the most popular option (Facebook) is not the best idea for some projects. If you are unsure what to choose, https://www.gifford.uk.com could help you.

  1. Do I really know my target audience?
    You can’t try to win the attention of everyone, that is counter-productive. To make sure your strategy is working, you have to ask yourself whether you know who you are hoping to catch.
  2. How am I going to track my progress?
    All of your goals have to be measurable, otherwise, you won’t be able to determine if you’re going in the right direction. To make sure that your campaign is actually working, you have to determine a set of tools or manually track your numbers.
  3. Will I use different social media platforms and if so, how often will I post updates?
    Marketing companies Cardiff often point that their clients have issues with running their campaigns simultaneously on different platforms. Indeed, it might be challenging. To make sure you have updates on different sites, try to plan everything in advance. If you’re working with content, you can plan different topics in advance. That could help you stay up and running when you don’t have the motivation or not feeling inspired.
  4. How will it work?
    This question is all about planning. Think whether you want to do it all on your own or you want to hire an online marketing freelancer as a helper. Think carefully and don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  5. What’s next?
    This question should make you think of other perspectives. You might want to generate more clients with your campaign or gain more followers. But you have to know what you will do next, how will you improve your content for those people, how will you make them stay.

This is fairly simple, especially if you take your time to think about your strategy. Before you start it, you always have to ask yourself those questions. They will help you determine whether it will be successful.

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