Give Your Bathroom A Nautical Twist – With Accessories And LED Lighting


A nautical themed bathroom calls for the simplicity of LED fittings. Use standard inbouw spots LED and badkamer spots to create the perfect ambient, yet easy lighting, which a stripped back nautical theme requires.

Philips LED inbouwspots and LED insertion spots are perfect because you will hardly notice them. This is exactly what you want, as you do not want the lighting to detract from your overall maritime theme.


Any circular ceiling light fixture can be added to, with a compass stencil around it. This immediately creates a focal point for your nautical design and is simpler to achieve than you might be thinking.

You could also place this on the wall, if that is what you prefer – but there is an added wow factor in gazing up at a compass from inside the bathtub and imagining you are setting sail for new land!


Industrial looking or nautical themed metal lighting fixtures are highly desirable now and nothing transforms your mundane bathroom into a ship’s deck faster than an authentic looking nautical themed steel lamp fixture.

These can then have LED spots buiten placed inside of them to cast exactly the right shade of lighting over your maritime musings.


A coastal wheel accessory is a must, especially if you don’t have a round window or mirror with which to create your porthole effect with.

These can be purchased as accessories and placed either on the wall or the ceiling – some of them even light up!


Even the least expensive of bathroom makeovers should be able to stretch to the presence of a few sea shells.

How far or wide you want to take this theme, is up to you.

Shells explore the romantic nature of the sea, over the clean, clear lines of some nautical themes. But you can take your pick – and go with the mystery of salmon colored sea shells either stretched out across floating shelves, placed in window sills or perhaps even glued onto the ceiling.

We think this pretty look works extremely well on ceilings which are already sloped.

Paint them if you want to – keep them ‘au naturel’ if you don’t – either way, you need some sea shells in there.


Another very easy little touch that will add weight to any nautical themed bathroom! And if you can’t find one to buy – or they are two expensive – they are so easy to make! Any round mirror can have a piece of rope glued around it, for a fraction of the price of a designer mirror.


Alternatively, a mirror with a porthole design on the frame will instantly say ahoy to anyone who visits your bathroom.

These simple accessories can transform even the most basic bathroom into a beach hut or marine spa.


Even if you can’t find an anchor to place in your bathroom – remember, these can be small or large, there is no need for it to dominate the place – you can always stencil one on to the wall.


As with most things nautical, simplicity is of the essence here.

The most popular themes are whites and navy blue – used in tandem and stripes to define your nautical bathroom with.

But other shades of blue apply too. Sky blues, turquoise and soft washes of light blue, can offset the nautical theme just as well.

The most popular style is clean, clear lines and stripes to make a statement with.

Whatever you do, don’t over complicate the color scheme.

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